Aster novae-angliaeAster novae-angliae.

The 'New England Aster' is Aster novae-angliae, getting its name from the US states collectively known as 'New England'.

Flowering in late summer to autumn they are a bit of an old fashionedd stalwart in the cottage garden.

Landscapers tend to go through stages of loving them or disregarding them. Gardeners seem to be more accepting, and they have been widely grown for many years.

Also known as the Michaelmas dasies, they have been renamed recently and are now known as Symphyotrichum novae-anglliae, however mainly sold under the old name.

Over the years these free flowering plants have been highyly htbridised and over 80 named cultivars can be found from some specilaist nurseries.

Aster novae-angliae is no shrinking violet in the garden, varieties will reachfrom .5m to 1.5m in height. This mages them a cantidate for the mid to back of the garden border.

Given good soil plenty of sun they are hardy and upright in habit.


Aster novae-angliae flower colours vary from white through to Lilac, Purple and Blue, all with golden yellow centers.

Aster novae-angliae Care

Plant, forget and prune. That how easy they are in most gardens.

Once the soil is prepared and they are planted and watered in you can usually forget about them until early to mid summer. This is the time to make a decision as to prune them back to maintain a smaller bushy habit, or just let them do their own thing. we thinkm that pruning is a great idea.

Over time they will form a clump, and they can be divided in early spring as the weather warms up. Most will also strike well from cuttings, an easy method of propagation

Care Summary

John Allman


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