Aster 'Marjorie'

A low growing but sensational bush plant Aster dumosus 'Marjorie' with its pale pink flowers with yellow centres, is an excellent border plant. Highly regarded for the masses of flowers from summer though to autumn.
Reaching around 20cm in height and with a good bushy habit and oval foliage, this often neglected plant, however it is well worth seeking out.


Best in a well drained soil and a sunny position, keep moist over summer for masses of flowers. Foliage will die back in winter, however Aster dumosus 'Marjorie' will bounce back the following spring.


Prune back or 'deadhead flowers' for repeat blooms. Trim back as required in early spring to tidy up the plant.

Garden and landscaping uses.

Mass planted in the border Aster 'Marjorie' will be a low care low growing plant. Or use as filler near the front of the border.

John Allman


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