Astilbe Prof van der WielenAstilbe Prof van der Wielen

If you are looking for a plant for moist shade then Astilbe thunbergii 'Prof van der Wielen' is well worth considering, and in the UK it will take a little more sun, so perhaps afternoon shade only.

It grows well in containers and the ferny foliage is an attraction through the season. The spent flower heads are often left on the plants until spring as they add a little interest and texture through the winter months.

A relatively low growing Astilbe, 'Prof van der Wielen' has the trademark glossy deep green foliage with fluffy white flowers rising above in spring to early summer.

The foliage forms a nice mound and the flower spikes will reach a height of around 1m (36 inches)

The full botanical name of this sought after cultivar is Astilbe thunbergii 'Prof van der Weilen', and it is a taller growing type than many others.

Best suited to part shaded positions at least, except in the coolest of climates, moisture though summer is essential.

Astilbe 'Prof van der Wielen' Care

A humus rich moist soil in a shaded or part shaded position is best.

Little care other than a complete fertiliser in early spring and some additional water during dry periods.

Clumps are best divided every 3 - 4 years to help maintain vigour.


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