Osmunda or Royal Ferns.

If you are looking for ferns for soggy conditions many of the Osmunda ferns could well be the right ones for you. Some are very large with long arching fronds. They will cope with full sun in much of the UK, although if we happed to get a hot spell they will suffer.Osmunda or Royal Fern plants are a popular shade loving plant for the UK.

These are deciduous fern, in late autumn they will die right back, however they do bounce back in spring as son as the weather warms a little.

Osmunda Ferns Care

Moisture is the main requirement, so consider digging in some coir peat to help retain water if you do not have the right conditions.

Osmunda Fern Varieties

You can buy Osmunda ferns from the following growers

Tel 01963 32802
South Marsh, Charlton Musgrove. Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 8EX

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