Bletilla Striata OrchidBletilla Orchids

Bletilla Striata Orchids are originally from Asia. These are a terrestrial orchid, hence the name 'Chinese Ground Orchid' they found from China through to Vietnam.

Bletilla Orchids such as Bletilla striata and Bletilla yokahama prefer a shaded position.

They will grow to 60cm in height depending on species and are generally fairly hardy in a humus rich moist soil, they can be grown in pots or containers, however they do require some protection from heavy frosts and extreme cold.


These are excellent orchids for beginers, they require less care than most orchids and will survive fairly harsh conditions.

Best grown in containers, howver in the warmer parts of the UK they will survive outdoors.

Bletilla Orchid Species include:

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