Conifer Trees

Many varieties and species of Conifers are available for sale in the UK, they are a tree that is widely used for a range on landscaping and ornamental purposes. Being such a versatile tree, coniferous trees or conifers are well suited for hedging plants as well as specimen trees. Be aware that while some species are fast growing, others are very slow. These slower growing species will cost more, especially as mature specimens from advanced specimen suppliers.

Conifer trees offered for sale include dwarf and low growing specimens as well as large trees well suited for windbreaks, screening and as feature trees for larger gardens. UK conifer tree nurseries. Specialist conifer suppliers and nurseries in the UK

Species and varieties

Conifer trees actually come from a range of species (types or varieties) including Picea, Abies, Pinus and others. In general they are called 'Coniferous trees' and although related are in fact very different, with litterally hundreds of forms available for sale to suit a variety of purposes includeing specimen trees and hedging plants.

So for a list of varieties we have

Abies or The Fir Trees, Cedars, Junipers, Spuces, Yews and of course the Pine trees. With in these many garden worth varietoes including some dwarf or low growing types as well as large feature trees.

Landscaping uses for Conifer Trees

Conifer Trees are used for hedging, specimen trees, windbreaks as well as low growing groundcover plants, also widely used as bonsai plants.

Conifer Hedge or Conifer Hedging Plants

With so many conifer plants being suitable for pruning and therfore useful as a hedge it is not surprising to see such a variety of conifer hedging plants available for sale. One of the most popular is the Conifer leylandii, (Cupressocyparis leylandii castlewellan gold and green) are fast growing and forming a dense hedge.

Conifer Prices

With such different growth rates conifers available for sale will vary greatly in price, fast growing species will be a lot cheaper that the slow growing dwarf varieties. Popular species and cultivars cheaper than less popular conifers. Larger conifers again more costly.

John Allman 

Other Hedging Plants

Conifer Trees are available for sale from the following specialist nurseries or growers

HEDGES DIRECT Ltd - Phone 01257 263873
Five Acres Nursery Dawbers Lane Euxton PR7 6EE
Huge range of beautiful hedging plants, bare root, cell grown, pot grown, or root balled. All the main species in all sizes. Min order value £20 & FREE DELIVERY on orders over £50.

MOUNT FOLLY NURSERIES - Phone: 01329 832294
Southwick Road North Boarhunt Near Wickham Hants PO17 6JH
Includes: Conifers. Young plants specialists. Growing Fuchsias, Geraniums, Patio Plants and Plug Plants. One of the best selections available in the UK direct from the grower!

GRASSLANDS NURSERY - Phone: 01565 722836.
Free Green Lane, Peover Superior, Knustford, Cheshire, WA16 9QY
Conifers, ferns, grasses, hedging, shrubs, trees, topiary shapes and much more. Unbeatable prices. Nationwide delivery. Retail and trade welcome

MEREDITH NURSERIES - tel 01282 616033
Unit 1, Dale mill, Hallam Road, Nelson, Lancs BB9 8AN
Hedging and conifer supplier to the public and trade

BLUEBELL ARBORETUM and NURSERY - phone: *(01530) 413700.
Annwell Lane Smisby nr. Ashby de la Zouch Derbyshire LE65 2TA Owner: Robert and Suzy Vernon.
Mail order and retail nursery. Huge variety of rare and unusual trees, shrubs, grasses, and herbaceous!

CREATIVE PLANTS - Tel: 01404 850163
Lashbrook Farmhouse, Talaton, Devon EX5 2RU
Mediterranean plants, tropical plants, and exotics such as palms, olive trees , wisteria, and topiary. mail order.

CHEW VALLEY TREES - Tel: 01275 333 752
Winford Road Chew Magna Bristol BS40 8HJ

WEASEDALE NURSERIES Ltd - phone +44 (0)15396 23246 * Telefax +44 (0)15396 23277
Newbiggin on Lune, KIRKBY STEPHEN, Cumbria, CA17 4LX UK

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