How to Grow Rosemary Plants

Rosemary plants meant to be one of the easiest of all herb plants to grow, so why do so many people say they have trouble, or that their rosemary is dying?

It is easy to grow, in a well drained soil in a sunny to part shaded position and a fair bit of neglect, yes leave it alone and it will thrive. Give it a good harsh prune and it will come back, and just remember to forget the fertiliser.

This is truly one of the great herb plants, almost impossible to cook lamb without it and it has a great fragrance as well

Rosemary will also do well it pots. Rosemary is reasonably drought tolerant once it is established.

Growing Rosemary in the garden and containers

In a pot or in the garden remember that this herb requires 'tough love' do not over water, leave it in the sun, do not fertilise, prune to your hearts content and it will thrive.

Did you know that you can make a hedge from rosemary, it loves being pruned.




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