How to Grow Mint

Mint is an easy herb to grow and in fact can become a bit of weed if let go. However mint is of great value in the herb garden, so when it roams a little, just pull it up. Widely used as a culinary herb, who like mint sauce with lamb ? Everybody..... Mint is also used extensively in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking.

Mint Varieties

The common garden mint widely used in cooking is usually Mentha spicata (spearmint), a fairly broad leafed variety that will grow to around 18 inches (.5m). Apple mint, or Mentha sauveolens is similat in habit however it does have a distinct apple scent. However with Mentha spicata a number of varieties exist including 'Moroccan Mint', a brighter green than the species.

How to grow mint on the home garden

A well drained humus rich soil is all that mint requires. Mint grows well in pots, and this may be the best way of taming its spreading nature.

Mint is not a shade loving plant as such, however it does grow well when protected from the afternoon sun and any hot drying winds. Keep the soil moist and mint is happy. Easy to start from a runner we grow our mint in containers to stop it 'going wild'. Some people recommend sinking the pot into the garden, however it can quickly find it's way out of the pot and into the rest of the garden.

The only thing that will really kill mint is if you let it dry out.



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