How to Grow Dill

Dill has the botanical name of Anethum graveolens and with its fragrant (pungent) yellow flowers is an annual plant related to fennel. Reaching around 1.5 in height with thin ferny foliage it is grown for both the seeds and the foliage, both used in cooking

Growing naturally in warm climates from the Mediterranean to Central Asia dill grows easily in poor soil. Over time it has bee grown as an ornamental plant, a medicinal herb as well as for its culinary properties.

In the UK a warm sunny position is best, however it is one of the easiest herb plants to grow. You probably will not use a lot of it, but fresh dill is an excellent addition to many recipes.

Culinary Uses

Also related to parsley but with a slight bitter taste it works well with cheese dishes ( we add a little to spinach pie) and is widely used in preserves as well 'dill pickles' of course.

Propagating and Growing Dill

Try growing from seed planted directly to the garden ( or container) in early spring once the frosts have gone, its a tall growing plant that will reach nearly 3ft (1m).

Remember to thin out the new seedlings so as not to overcrowd.

Dill seems to resent being transplanted that is why we sow directly and then thin out.

A humus rich moist soil is essential.

Water in seeds well with our favorite liquid seaweed fertilizer and keep moist.

You can snip off the leaves to use in cooking as you like, and if you are keen you can collect the seeds once they have set (late summer) and let them dry by hanging upside down with the seed heads in a paper bag.

Just give the bag a good shake and the sees should drop out, or you can thresh then using a flexible cane.



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