Quince Trees

Quince Trees (Cydonia oblonga) are relatively easy to grow and are available for sale online in the UK. As these are a medium to small growing tree, with nice flowers in spring, and give a great crop of fruit in Autumn they are a favorite garden tree.

Grown for the fruit, as well as for the ornamental value of the trunks that grow in a twisted fashion and over time look great.

The fruit from Quince Trees is used for jams, jelly and in cooking. Quince trees can easily be pruned to maintain a reasonable size. Medlars (Mespilus germanica) include:Medlar Royal, Medlar Nottingham.

Growing Quince trees in the UK

In the UK to improve fruit yield Quince trees should be planted in a sunny sheltered position, against a south facing wall is excellent.

They can be trained as fans and this is a popular way of growing them in the kitchen garden.

Drainage is essential, in poorly drained areas try building up or mounding the soil. Nearly all varieties sold will be grafted onto a rootstock that best suits conditions.

Stake young trees when planting after preparing the soil with some well rotted compost and manure and improving drainage if required. Mulch around the trees to keep the soil moist through summer.

Fertilise in late winter with a general purpose slow release fertiliser.

How to prune a Quince Tree.

Quince trees are best grown with an open vase like structure. Being heavy cropping plants thinning the fruit is a good idea, it helps prevent branches from breaking under the weight of all that fruit.

Types of Quince Tree.

Dwarf varieties are available, however Quince trees do not mind pruning, so are easily kept to size.

Some of the best Quince Tree cultivars include:

Others Varieties Include :



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