Plum Trees

Wonderful fruiting trees with Red, Purple and Yellow Plum tree varieties all available for sale in the UK. As they like a little warmth but are not suited to espalier techniques it is worth considering training plum trees against a wall in a fan shape.

Plum trees trained against a wall will not produce as much fruit as a free standing tree, however in cool climates you will get better fruit. The fruit receives more sun which assists in promoting the ripening and production of the sugars which give the plums taste.

Basic Plum Tree Care

Plum trees need to be planted with consideration for the final size as they can grow to 35ft. Many plum trees in home gardens are now espaliered. Plum trees require a warm position to do well and may be purchased bare root in Autumn.

How to choose a Plum Tree.

Plum Trees vary greatly in the type, colour and taste of the fruit they will produce.

Size of Plum Tree

This will depend on the rootstock. Plum Tree Rootstocks include St Julien A and Pixy. Pixy is a dwarfing rootstock

Cultivars (Prunus Avium) suitable for the UK include: Victoria, Avalon, Czar, Excalibur, Blue Tit, Lizzie, Opal, King Damson, Damson Merryweather, Golden Drop, Greengage, Jefferson Gage, Golden Gage, Marjories seedling and Dennistons superb.




Plum Trees are available for sale from the following nurseries

WALCOT ORGANIC NURSERY - Tel: & Fax: 01905 841587
Lower Walcot Farm, Walcot Lane, Drakes Broughton, Pershore, Worcs, WR10 2AL

ASHRIDGE TREES Limited - Tel.: +44 (0) 1963 359444 Fax: +44 (0) 1963 359445
Grove Cross Barn, Castle Cary, Somerset BA7 7NJ

Bla ckmoor, Nr Liss, Hampshire, GU33 6BS No. 201364

CHEW VALLEY TREES Tel: 01275 333 752
Winford Road Chew Magna Bristol BS40 8HJ

Pomona House, 12 Third Avenue, Walton-on-Naze.


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