Calamondin orange trees

Although Calamondin Orange trees 'Citrofortunella microcarpa' or 'Citrus mitis' are a hardy cold resistant orange tree well suited for growing in pots. Flowering in spring Calomondin Orange Trees are best over wintered indoors in the UK.

With very few seeds and slightly sour flesh the Calomondine Orange is also known as the 'Chinese Orange' or 'Panama orange'. Used widely for marmalade and also as a decorative patio plant or indoor plant.

Growing Conditions

Although regarded as cold tolerant Calamondin Orange Trees are best grown in pots in the UK where they can grown on a patio or outdoors from spring to autumn and then be moved indoors or to a conservatory or glasshouse during the colder months. Reduce watering during colder months.

Trees are self pollinating. Provide 8hrs light each day and watch for scale or mites which can easily be treated with white oil. Use fruit for preserves and marmalade



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