Pomegranate Trees

Pomegranate Trees are a small growing deciduous tree that produce fruit which hangs on the bare branches in autumn. Pomegranate trees are available for sale online in the UK and require a well drained soil and can be grown in containers. A dwarf pomegranate Punica granatum Nana is available. Full sun, a warm protected position or perhaps a conservatory is best for growing pomegranate trees in the UK.

How to choose a Pomegranate Tree.

Pomegranate Trees are not that common in the UK. They used both for their fruits and as ornamental trees. Different species have different qualities, some pomegranates are very bitter, others are sweet. Pomegranate trees are long lived and will grow to 5-6m depending on conditions.

Pomegranate Tree Care

Growing Pomegranates is not difficult given the right climate. A sunny warm position is best. A deep humus rich loamy soil is best. In the UK it might be best to grow your pomegranate tree in a conservatory, although we have seen them in sunny protected positions.

As for growing indoors, maybe if you can find one of the dwarf cultivars and grow it in a container this could be worth trying, it will still need plenty of light and will appreciate being outdoors during the warmer months.

General Information

Pomegranates prefer temperate areas through to sub tropical. Frosts can be a problem. In cooler areas pomegranates are semi - deciduous.

Pomegranate Trees are really drought tolerant, however like most fruit trees they need adequate water to ensure a good crop of fruit.

Pomegranate Tree Varieties

Some cultivars are sweeter than others so choose carefully. Pomegranate Tree Cultivars (Punica granatum) suitable for the UK include: Gulosha Rosavaya and Gulosha Azerbaijani, these are sweeter than many other cultivars.



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