Fig Trees

Always a popular tree Fig Trees can be grown in the cold climate of the UK provided you plant the right variety and plant it in the right position.

In the UK Fig Trees are sometimes grown in pots or containers although 'Brown Turkey' seems to do well outdoors in a sheltered position.

Fig trees are often seen as a Mediterranean type tree, requiring a warm sunny climate, and while this is true, some cultivars and species do a lot better in cold climates than others. We provide a guide to Fig trees, growing fig trees and fig tree care for the UK.

Fig Tree Care

Fig trees vary greatly in tolerance to cold climates. Some varieties will not tolerate cold at all and other seem to cope well.

Fig trees will do well in the UK given you plant the right type and provide warm a microclimate, a west facing sunny position is best

Planting Fig Trees.

A well drained position is essential. Fig trees can be grown in large in pots or containers.

Fig Tree Varieties

Ficus carica Violetta or Bavarian fig was developed in Germany as a cold climate fig and does well in the UK given a warm sunny position. Trees such as Brown Turkey are also known to fruit well given the right conditions

Pruning Fig Trees.

Fig trees need very little pruning however you can remove any dead wood in winter, and should remove any fruit still on the tree at this time. Any heavy pruning is best left until the weather warms up a little.



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