Cherry Fruit Trees

Cherry Trees are related to Plums, Peaches and Apricots and are grown widely as both fruit bearing trees and ornamental trees. Cherry Trees will fruit mid year in the UK June - July - August depending on cultivar and location. Cherry trees are either sweet cherries or sour cherries.

Cherry Tree Care

A sunny position is essential for fruiting, so plant carefully. A well drained humus rich moist soil is best. Keep the area beneath the tree weed free. Mulch to provide a cool root run. Consistent moisture levels are required to prevent fruit from splitting.

Top up mulch in spring adding well rotted compost at the same time. Clean up beneath the tree, removing dropped fruit and leaves to help prevent disease.

Trees can be pruned to a fan in cool areas, positioned against a sunny wall to obtain extra warmth in cooler areas. Dwarf varieties can be grown in containers.

Pruning Cherry Trees

As with all stone fruits the less pruning the better, they really do not like being pruned. However this is also a problem as un pruned trees can begin to produce less and smaller fruit over time. Older or mature Cherry trees are best pruned when in active growth, so summer. Younger trees can be pruned in spring so that they can be suitably trained.

We would strongly suggest you find a local expert who can show you when and how to prune different cherry trees to help avoid problems.

How to choose a Cherry Tree.

When choosing a Cherry Tree you should consider a few factors. What you want the fruit for, what size tree you can fit into the space, when you want the fruit to ripen

Type of Cherry Tree.

Size of Cherry Tree

This will depend on the rootstock. Cherry Tree Rootstocks such as 'Mazzard', 'Colt' 'Mahaleb', and 'Gisela 5' all will dwarf a cherry tree to different extents

Cherry Tree Varieties

Some of the best Cherry Trees(Prunus Avium) suitable for the UK include:



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