Blueberry Plants

Ever popular Blueberry Plants (vaccinium) come in a range of types or varieties suitable for the UK garden including high bush, low bush and dwarf varieties. Growing blueberry plants is not difficult and they can easily be found for sale online from mail order suppliers. Blueberries prefer a humus rich well drained soil and full sun. Plant blueberries in winter.

Blueberry Plant Care

It takes a year or two for blueberries to produce good amounts of fruit and with proper care when establishing they can be productive plants.. They do need a sunny position in the Uk and a well drained humus rich soil with consistent moisture. They do prefer a lime free soil, just slightly acid is best.

Dig in lots of well rotted compost before planting and water in well with a liquid seaweed fertilizer for good root growth. You will need to net plants, as birds love blueberries.

As soon as the first signs of new growth appear its time to start fertilizing. Feed again in mid to late summer for great results.

Blueberry Plant Pruning

Pruning is easy, simply remove any long errant canes and tip prune to keep bushy. After 2 - 3 years you may want to prune a little more seriously. Look for the fruit buds in early spring and prune to them. Remove any dead or diseased wood, and try to keep the centre of the plant open.

Growing in containers is also an option.

Blueberry Season.

Blueberry varieties produce fruit at different time of the season.

Blueberry Plants are aver;able for sale from the following suppliers

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