Olive Tree

Olive Trees

Olive Trees are readily available for sale both as advanced plants and as younger seedlings.

Needing little care or pruning once established as long as they are planted in the right position they make a great feature tree in a courtyard or grown in a pot or container.

Olea Europaea is the Olive Tree and its natural habitat is a Mediterranean climate.

So can we grow many varieties successfully in the colder climate of the UK and how do we best care for and grow Olive trees in the UK?

Planting Olive Trees

Look for a west facing position to maximise sun, and remember that olive trees require a free draining soil. Olive trees are suitable for growing in pots or containers, a great alternative for courtyard situations.

Pruning Olive Trees

Actually requiring very little pruning at all, however if you wish to maintain shape and a smaller size, olive trees are easy to prune and can be cut back in spring. It is important to wait until the weather warms up as this assists with the wounds healing.



Growing an Espaliered Olive Tree

Growing Olive Trees in Containers

Look at repotting every 2-3 years as the potting mix becomes exhausted. Olive trees can also be espaliered and grown in a sunny courtyard. (see right).

Summary and General Advice


Olive trees are available for sale from the following suppliers

OLIVE GROVE NURSERIES - phone: 01832 275660
Oundle Road Polebrook Northants PE8 5LQ
O live Grove Nurseries, specialising in the finest imported Olive Trees, Palms and Mediterranean Plants.

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