Nectarine Trees

As long has your soil has good drainage and your garden plenty of sun then Nectarine trees are easy care. Look for a south facing position, preferably against a wall or fence. This will increase warmth and make fruit ripening a lot easier.

Nectarines can be espaliered or grown in containers, however as soil temperatures in containers can easily get to freezing plants will need to be protected in winter.

One of the benefits of growing the dwarf varieties in containers is that they can be moved to the sunniest position in spring to summer and to the most sheltered spot in winter.

Pruning Nectarine Trees

One of the main issues with pruning Nectarine trees and other stone fruit is the problem of introducing disease. It is best to prune when the plants are in active growth and the sap is rising, so early spring and remember to seal the cuts.

Frost protection by using fleeces is an excellent way to help prevent diseases.


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