Magnolia Black Tulip

magnolia black tulipWith wonderful deep red tulip shaped flowers. Black Tulip is a hybrid from New Zealand by the well known Mark Jury. The great advantage of this variety is that the tree itself is smaller growing. Height will be from 3 - 5 m, depending on conditions, and this magnolia is best as a specimen tree, planted where the flowers can be best shown off in spring.

Not particularly fast growing, although you can buy specimens that are already around 1 m in height, Magnolia Black Tulip likes to planted with a little space around it. This allows it to take its natural rounded shape. In shade, or when crowded in the plant can become a little lanky as ait reached for light.

Magnolia Black Tulip Features.

Wonderful velvety deep crimsom flowers that appear on bare wood in spring are the main attraction. The foliage that follows is glossy and a good green through summer. Autumn foliage is a yellow, and nothing special.

Magnolia Black Tulip Care

Best grown in a humus rich well drained soil in full sun. Like most magnolias, Black Tulip will benefit in a position where it is protected from wind, this helps the flowers keep shape and from for longer.

Protection from frosts is also desirable to prevent foliage and bud damage. Late frosts are a perticular problem, as this can cause bud drop. Look around the garden for a frost free pocket.

Little care or pruning is required after establishment other than the removal of any damaged wood. In dry summers periods some extra water is beneficial.


Frosts in early spring can damage the flower buds, so a protected position is best.

John Allman 

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