Magnolia stellata

Magnolia stellataThe fragrant Magnolia stellata is one of the most popular deciduous varieties for sale in the UK.

A large shrub to small tree and actually available in a number of varieties, not just the wonderful white flowering form we are all used to.

This is the 'star' magnolia with some forms called the 'waterlily magnolia', a wonderful feature tree in any garden and as it is reasonably slow and small growing it can indeed be grown in containers.

Magnolia stellata varieties.

The original Magnolia stellata is of course from Japan and has been in cultivation for over 100 years. Over time a number of named cultivars have become available for sale int eh UK including :

Magnolia stellata care

A humus rich well drained soil is best, and a sunny aspect. Dig in some well rotted compost before planting and water in well with a liquid seaweed fertiliser. we like to mulch around these small trees to provide a weed free space and a cool root run.

Pruning is generally not required other than shaping, or removing dead or damaged wood. Magnolia stellata once established will be a star in your garden for many years.

John Allman 

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