Magnolia soulangiana

magnolia-soulangiana-alexandrinaAs its name suggests Magnolia x soulangiana is itself a hybrid, often called the saucer magnolia referring to the shape of the large flowers.

A number of named varieties are available including the large flowering Magnolia x soulangiana Alexandrina with its rosy purple flowers with white interior.

This is an early flowering type so well suited to the UK garden. A small to medium tree that will reach 5 - 8 m in height depending on conditions.

Flowering at the end of winter with masses of fuzzy buds forming during winter months followed by the magnificent flowers appearing on bare branches this makes an excellent specimen tree for the larger garden

Magnolia soulangiana varieties.

Magnolia soulangiana Care

Best grown in a humus rich well drained soil in full sun.

Little care or pruning is required after establishment other than the removal of any damaged wood. In dry summers periods some extra water is beneficial.


Frosts in early spring can damage the flower buds, so a protected position is best.

John Allman 

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