Bearded IrisBearded Iris

One of the wonderful flowering plants of spring and summer is the Bearded Iris which grow best in a sunny position with good drainage.

Growers are coming up with new Iris varieties every year, so you really can can buy a few new rhizomes each season and eventually have a unique collection.

With little extra cultivation and effort you can have an amazing display of the large colorful flowers. When planting the top of the rhizome should be at soil level, exposed to both sun and cold.

Best divided after flowering, but avoid the hottest months. Bearded Iris are best fertilized in Autumn and Spring with an organic fertilizer.

Bearded Iris Care

Sun and good drainage are two essential conditions for successfully growing Bearded Iris. In wet soils it is worth raising the garden bed a little to ensure proper drainage. Soil preparation is important as is is with most plants, dig in some well rotted compost well before planting and remember not you bury the rhizome, it need to sit with the top above the surface.

When growing in containers the same conditions apply. Fertilize in spring, we use a general purpose slow release fertilizer and a liquid seaweed fertilizer. Over application of nitrogen will encourage foliage growth rather than flowers.

Propagation by division of established clumps can easily be carried out, usually just after flowering. The rhizomes can be dug and older parts removed. Plants are divided and each fan of leaves needs to be attached to a section of rhizome with a root system. Foliage is cut back to above the fan and sections are replanted.

Water well with a seaweed fertilizer to promote new root growth and keep moist over dry periods.

Iris Species for the garden include:

Iris are a diverse genus and with well over 300 different Iris species requirements for growing different iris species vary. Consult your local nursery or mail order supplier for specific instructions.

Bearded Iris Problems

Remember that you can actually buy many differing types, including dwarf varieties, the tall growing types are the most popular, large showy flowers on tall stems, however the lower growing varieties can be a little easier to maintain.

Bearded Iris are available for sale from the following nurseries and specialist growers.

THE IRIS GARDEN - phone: 01308 868797
Yard House, Pilsdon, Bridport, Dorset DT6 5PA
Space Age bearded iris, for which we hold the National Collection, but we also have flat Tall Bearded iris and other types of Bearded iris. We also stock Siberians and Spurias.

IRIS OF SISSINGHURST - phone: 01622 831511
Postal: Roughlands Farm Goudhurst Rd Marden Kent TN12 9NH
We grow Iris - only Iris We specialise in growing all types of Iris,Short Intermediate and Tall bearded iris, Siberian, Ensatas, Species and Louisianas . Iris for all locations

MEADOWVIEW NURSERY - phone: 01932 843475
Postal Address 8 Bourne Way, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 2BT
Meadowview nursery grow and sell top quality bare root peonies, Irises , daylillies, roses and an assortment of other perennials throughout the year .

CLAIRE AUSTIN HARDY PLANTS Hardy Plants - phone: 01939 251173
Edgebolton, Shawbury, Shropshire, SY4 4EL
We are mail order specialists of herbaceous perennials, including bearded irises, herbaceous & tree peonies. The catalogue and website list over 700 different varieties.

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