Anemone nemorosa - The Wood Anemone

Anemone Nemorosa 'Blue Eyes'

If you are looking for a plant that confirms spring has arrived, Anemone Nemorosa could well be the one. As the weather warms and sun appears it bursts into action. Ferny foliage, wonderful flowers all in a matter of weeks.

As spring turns to summer and the shade of the deciduous trees takes over these woodland wonders go back to sleep until next season. Those that recieve a little more light, near the edge of the canopy and a little moisture seem to last longer.

A fast growing bulb (rhizome) or plant, Anemone Nemorosa is a hardy woodlander, usually with white flowers that open when the sun shines and close on dull days. Pictured we have Anemone nemorosa 'Blue Eyes' a very old double clone.

Mass planting of A.nemorosa in drifts around deciduous trees and shrubs brings a woodland atmosphere to the garden.

They are also great for early blooms in a shaded perennial border. Each flower is about 2cm in size growing above fern like foliage. The foliage dies down by the middle of June. The Wood Anemone grows to around 15 cm high.

The ornamental flowers are a soft mauve colour underneath. The flowers bloom from March to April before the surrounding trees are covered in leaves, then they become dormant until next spring.

This plant covers areas of the garden as long, thin rhizomes spread rapidly at a shallow depth.

Anemone nemorosa Care

Anemone nemorosa can be propagated by breaking off small pieces of rhizome and planting in humus rich soil. Plant the rhizome horizontally 2-3 inches deep. Clumps of anemone can be divided every 2-3 years. These plants can also be grown from seed. A.nemorosa enjoy full sun to partial shade and moist soil, although the plants can tolerate drier conditions when dormant in summer. They tolerate most soils and positions.


Anemone nemorosa varieties and species

Other forms include 'Stammheim', 'Knightshayes vestal', 'Leeds' and 'Cedrics pink'

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