Anemonopsis macrophylla

From Japan Anemonopsis macrophylla or 'False anemone' is perhaps an underused plant.

A clump forming perennial well suited to woodland position. These pretty plants prefer dappled shade and a humus rich but well drained soil.

It seems that it is not so much the frosts and cold that kill thess plants, but waterlogged soils and very dry summers

Anemonopsis macrophylla or 'False anemone' will grow to 75cm and has pretty pale lavender flowers in early summer. The fery foliage in itself is attractive, but topped with the nodding flowers it is a worthy garden plant. A few named cultivars are around such as 'White Swan'

Anemonopsis Care

Try a shaded woodland position with that much sought after humus rich well drained moist soil, protection from dry summers and overly wet conditions in winter are the main pre requisites.

Try a little image search for 'anemonopsis macrophylla porslins anemon' for some wonderful photographs of this lovely plant.

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