Anemonella thalictroides

Anemonella is a genus in the Ranunculaceae family with one species from Eastern Northern America, Anemonella thalictroides.

This is a hardy, herbaceous perennial plant that grows from tuberous roots. It has a clumping growth habit. Anemonella is perfect for woodland areas of the garden, in the wildflower meadow and in shaded areas of the rockery.

It looks delicate but is actually quite robust. It has showy, cup - like white flowers similar to the anemone but a little more delicate. The fernlike green foliage has divided leaves with three lobes, similar to meadow rue.

Anemonella flowers are 2cm wide and the plant blooms in spring. Each stem has up to four flowers. It is an early blooming woodland plant.

Anemonella thalictroides Care

Anemonella grows to about 10 cm and enjoys partial sun in a sheltered position.

Grow in moist, humus-rich soil that is well drained to prevent tuber rot. Propagation is by seed planted in containers or by division of young plants in spring. The plant will disappear by mid-summer and return in all its glory next spring.

Anemonella thalictroides varieties include:

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