Scoliopus bigelowii

Scoliopus bigelowiiA wonderful title woodland plant Scoliopus bigelowii (see picture right) is from the east coast of North America, California to Oregon and flowering in very early spring.

Scoliopus bigelowii does have small flowers, however we think that they are a delicate and intricate wonder, green striped with purple and white and lovely little antlers to add to the attraction.

The flowers rise above a mottled green foliage which tends to turn a plain green as it ages. Most plants seem to send up a number of flowers (2-3). Related to the slightly smaller Scoliopus hallii

Scoliopus bigelowii Care

The long tuberous root system requires a cool root run throughout the year. For successful flowering keep moist over the summer period, but not wet, it does not like to dry out completely. Try a little seaweed fertilizer and try to protect from frosts in spring.

Excellent in the woodland garden and equally at home in a trough or container, however remember to keep cool and moist over summer. Try Scoliopus bigelowii in a position in dappled shade in a humus rich moist soil.

Scoliopus bigelowii Problems

Try growing in similar conditions to trilliums, they also grow well in containers and if you can manage to get seed they are usually easy to germinate.

One of the major problems in the UK is that of very wet summers, in their native habitat they experience a dryish summer, not dry, but certainly not wet, and also have good drainage all year round, so although they like moisture, an overly wet dormancy can be a killer.

Another issue is winters in the UK are a lot colder than they are in California, we also get more spring frosts, both of which would not suit Scoliopus bigelowii. So for us, container growing unless you are in a protected position in the South.


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