Scilla Bulbs and Flowers

Scilla hohenackeriScilla are a group of about 50 bulbs often referred to as 'squill'. Most flower in late winter to spring, and prefer a humus rich well drained soil. Best suited to a woodland situation scilla do well beneath deciduous trees.

Scilla hohenackeri (picture right) is an early flowering species with brilliant blue flowers in late winter. Scilla mischtschenkoana 'Tubergeniana' flowers a little later.

Scilla sibirica is even later and with its nodding blue flowers is a must for planting beneath deciduous trees.

S. greilhuberi, S. peruviana S. lilio-hyacinthus,S. messeniaca, S. mesopotamica,S. bifolia taurica, S. siberica Enem,S. caucasica,S. vvedenskyi and S. verna are others


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