Scilla mischtschenkoana or 'Tubergen squill'

Scilla mischtschenkoana also known as Tubergen squill or Scilla tubergeniana is a very early flowering species a great addition to the garden at the end of winter. In many areas these will flower before galanthus. Low growing with pretty white flowers highlighted with a pale 'aqua' vein. Glossy green foliage is typical the flowers are actually reasonably large for what is one of the smaller growing scillas.

Care and growing conditions

Scilla mischtschenkoana or Tubergen squill grow well in a part shaded position, the dappled shade of a deciduous tree is ideal. We suggest planting in large groups of 20 bulbs close to to a pathway where their simple beauty can be appreciated, as well as the fragrance.

A humus rich well drained soil is best with no extra water in summer during dormancy, in colder areas mulch lightly over fall and winter.


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