Widely grown as indoor plants Conophytum are a group of succulent plants from South Africa, Namibia and surrounding areas.

Sometimes described as a miniature succulent, they are sought after for the mat forming nature of the plant that creates interesting patterns and textures.

They will flower many with pretty little daisy like flowers ranging from white through to yellow and purple in color.


An autumn or winter flowering plant, dormant during summer months.

Conophytum do not like to much direct light, they prefer partial or filtered shade.

They prefer a well drained soil and watering should be kept to a minimum during the dormant period.

An all purpose liquid fertilizer once a month during the growing season is usually adequate

Conophytum species:

  • Conophytum Antonii
  • Conophytum Auriflorum
  • Conophytum Blandum
  • Conophytum Bilobum
  • Conophytum Calculus
  • Conophytum Ectypum
  • Conophytum Elishae
  • Conophytum Hyracis
  • Conophytum Minutum
  • Conophytum Obcordellum
  • Conophytum Pellucidum
  • Conophytum Pium
  • Conophytum Ricardianum
  • Conophytum Taylorianum
  • Conophytum Tantillum
  • Conophytum Violaciflorum
  • Conophytum Wettsteinii


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