Blackthorn or 'Prunus Spinosa'

Prunus Spinosa is known both as 'Blackthorn' and as 'Sloe', both common names are for good reason, it is thorny and the berries are used to make 'sloe gin'.

Available for sale as plug plants it is an inexpensive way of establishing a hedgrow.

In landscaping it is used widely as a hedging plant, growing to 5m and suitable for use as a barrier, in fact Blackthorn or 'Prunus Spinosa' forms a very thick barrier. This is a hedging plant that flowers as well, masses of white flowers in spring that atract bees and butterflies.

The plum like fruits that are often called berriesalthough they are actually called 'drupes' are collected to make the gin. The fruit itself is very tart and not eaten raw. Most 'Sloe' enthusiasts leave the fruit until the first frost, as it helps sweeten the fruit.

Plant it mixed with other hedging plants, or use it on its own, Prunus Spinosa is versatile.


Plant in just about any soil, Prunus Spinosa is not fussy.As long as the plant recieves good sun it seems to be happy.

Space at around 1 ft apart for a reasonably dense hedge, and for extra thick hedges, double row themin a staggered fashion.

You can prune in mid summer if needed, and remember to use good gardening gloves and other protection. However pruning does remove the fruit.

Blackthorn is for sale from the following nurseries and growers

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