Hydrangea Flower


Hydrangea plants come in a number of varieties, specialist nurseries have a range of the much loved shrub for sale online.

Hydrangea plants come in a range of forms including Oak Leafed and the popular H. macrophylla or 'Nikko Blue hydrangea'.

Hydrangea flowers are large colorful blooms, climbing species are also available some growers in the UK.

Pruning can be carried out in spring when new shoots emerge.

Care involves pruning removal of spent flower heads and the application of fertilizer in spring. A well mulched humus rich soil is best.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nightingale' (pictured below right ) is a great example of a 'Lacecap' variety.

Pruning Hydrangeas in the UKHydrangea macrophylla 'Nightingale'

Care and Pruning of hydrangeas is relatively easy, and you be rewarded with healthy new growth and large flowers. Follow these simple steps.

Remove any dead growth, cutting back to the ground.

Cut back any very old growth.

Hydrangea flowers bloom on old growth, so it is best to prune growth that has just flowered, and leave that that did not flower.

Look for large well formed buds on the stems that flowered the previous summer, and cut back to these, this is where new canes will emerge from.

Choose the largest buds on each cane and cut back to a little above these. As a rule the further you prune the bigger the flowers will be next season, however if you go to far, you will end up with great foliage and no flowers.

Hydrangea Plants and Flowers for Sale Online from UK Nurseries

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