Crocus roseus bulb in flowerCrocus roseus

Crocus roseus is one of the early flowering crocus species, correctly called Crocus tommasinianus roseus, it lives up to its botanical name with rosy coloured petals with a hint of white in the centre with yellow stamens just to add a touch of contrast.

The flower buds appear a dusky mauve and hold tight until they get enough sun to tempt them to open. The flowers although not large are attractive and in mid to late winter the color is a welcome addition to the garden.

Bulbs are available fro sale from summer to early autumn and need to planted out by mid autumn in most areas.

Crocus roseus Care

Crocus roseus grows well in containers and are also an excellent plant for the rock garden or allowed to naturalise beneath a deciduous tree.

A humus rich but well drained soil is best. In the ground little extra fertilizer is required, although we do like to water with a little seaweed fertilizer just after flowering. If bulbs are dived every 3 - 4 years and replanted with a little well rotted compost dug in before replanting they seem to thrive and multiply well.

In containers we like to fertilize a little more as most container grown plants will exhaust the growing medium in a year or so. Repot every send year if growing this way.


John Allman 

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