Crocus goulimyiCrocus goulimyi

An autumn flowering species Crocus goulimyi is from the Mediterranean. It grows in naturally dry conditions and as long as it gets well drained soil in winter and a dryish summer it will thrive.

Very pretty mauve to purple flowers, or white from Crocus goulimyi leucanthus

Crocus goulimyi will grow well in the UK either in the rock garden (for experienced gardeners in southern areas) or more usually as a container plant where it can be put away in winter and protected from summer rains.

Plant in clumps of 5 - 6 bulbs and let them multiply.

Crocus goulimyi Varieties

As with many bulbs, a few varieties are available for sale.

Crocus goulimyi Care

Dry summer, dry winter, full sun, place outside in a warm position in mid to late summer, the autumn rains will bring the flowers.

Plant Crocus goulimyi in a container en masse for a wonderful carpet of flowers.

And yes we have sub species, the purple one is the species itself and the white one is Crocus goulimyi leucanthus. And the cultivar 'Mani white'.

Propagation is from seed sown into a cold frame or by division when dormant.

John Allman 

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