Crocus medius in flowerCrocus medius

An autumn flowering species Crocus medius is from France and Italy where it grows in wooded grasslands. Often seen as the realm of gardening enthusiasts these are actually an easy crocus to grow, requiring very little care

The lilac petals are attractive however it is the divided vivid orange stigmata that really adds to the flower show.

The flowers appear before the foliage and this is another crocus that is equally at home in a container, the rock garden or naturalised into the lawn.

Also worth planting around deciduous trees, though not in really deep shade.

Crocus medius Care

Look for a sunny position in the garden and try planting reasonably deep at around 3" (8cm). The main requirements are a hot position in summer when it is dormant, and good drainage. As autumn comes around Crocus medius will appear.

In the garden some mulch in summer will work well, the flower will push its way through and reach a height of around 3" (8cm). The dark green foliage will appear towards the end of autumn and last through winter.

Propagation of Crocus medius is easy by division of established clumps, also by seed. If you are container growing, some fertilizer in spring will see these through, although we water with a little seaweed fertilizer after the flowers have died off as well

John Allman 

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