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A favorite garden plant Azaleas have been extensively hybridized. We often think of azaleas as the brightly flowered evergreen or sometimes 'Japanese Azaleas' (see picture right) and indeed they are probably the most widely planted.

Where to grow Azalea Plants

Once established Azaleas are generally fairly tough. Some protection from hot sun is advisable.

They make an excellent filler in the border or can be planted in clumps for a mass flowering effect.

Azaleas care and growing hints.

In good soil Azaleas need little fertilizer, however remember that mulch will hold nitrogen, so if you see yellowing leaves try adding some ammonium sulphate. For general use try a complete Azalea and azalea fertilizer in late winter to spring.


Pruning Azaleas

in the UK is best carried out in early spring, after flowering and before the new growth commences. You can trim any untidy pieces at any time however pruning in late summer or autumn can promote new growth that is easily damaged by frosts and cold weather. Remember to use clean secateurs to prevent the spread of disease.

Azalea Varieties

Azaleas plants can be found in both evergreen and deciduous forms. Azalea plants found in the garden are hybridized to promote new flower forms.

Azaleas can be used in Japanese style gardens and work well as a low growing border plant. Azalea hedges can also work well as dividers in the garden. Azaleas are an acid loving plant so remember to use a specialist fertilizer and check soil ph.

Mollis Azaleas are the deciduous form.


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