Astilbe Fanal

Astilbe Plants

Astilbe plants and species such as Astilbe Chinensis and arendsii are early to flower and long flowering. Much loved for being a low maintenance plant for a part shaded position, Astilbe are long flowering and have colorful plume like flowers above ferny foliage.

Flowers colors vary from white through to pinks and brilliant reds such as Astilbe 'Fanal' pictured right'

Growing Astilbe Plants

Astilbe prefer a moist humus rich soil and a semis shaded position in the garden. They make great ground cover plants with the attractive foliage and colourful flowers in spring are an added attraction. Try planting these lovely plants near a pond or stream, a position beneath a deciduous tree is also suitable as long as it is moist.

New plants can be watered in with a liquid seaweed fertilizer. Older plants can be top dressed with some well rotted compost and manure in early spring.

Species, cultivars and Astilbe varieties

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