Trillium pusillum

Trillium pusillum

Small in stature but big in appeal, Trillium pusillum is a lovely little dwarf species, perhaps the best of all of the small trilliums, reaching around 20cm in height.

White flowers with pink veins ( picture right is the species Trillium pusillum var. pusillum) this clump forming rhizomateuos perennial is rare in nature and difficult to find in cultivation. Loving a damp woodland position this is also known as 'The Carolina Least Trillium'.

Flowering in spring a slightly acidic soil is best. Trillium pusillum var pusillum can be grown from seed or division

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Trillium pusillum Care

This is a species that seems to grow very happily in containers and troughs, we guess the small sized species just feel at home with a little protection in an enclosed space. They also get less competition in these conditions.

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