Trillium albidum

If you were going to grow one Trillium species then Trillium albidum might be it. Known by a fairy descriptive name the 'Giant White Wakerobin', it is big and the flowers are indeed white.

If you have been lucky enough to see a large clump of these in flower, you will probably be already growing them, we found some for sale just last week, and yes we did buy them (3 in fact).

These are from the cooler forested areas of the USA. They will reach over 60cm in height, three large leaves and those wonderful fragrant white flowers. The flowers are stemless, sitting on the top of the leaves so it is a sessile species.

Now we have the variations, some have foliage that varies from a mid green to spotted and mottled. Some have flowers streaked with purple, some even have red flowers. However it is the white ones that for us stand out in the shaded garden, and this is where we will plant them.

Trillium albidum Care

As with all Trilliums, a dappled shade position and a humus rich moist soil is essential. we mulch our other varieties with well rotted compost as soon as they begin to shoot. We also use a liquid seaweed fertiliser in spring along with a little slow release fertiliser.

Propagation is by division in spring, however this is not that easy. They will self seed if you are lucky. So we are off to plant our new Trillium albidum.



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