Miniature Iris

A few groups of iris can truely be called miniatures, both Iris reticulata and the Iris danfordiae fall into this category, Iris reichenbachii which is a dwarf bearded form is another. However Iris reticulata 'Katharine Hodgkin' is probably the best known of them all.

Iris winogradowii is perhaps just as lovely, low growing with wonderful yellow flowers. Iris kolpakowskiana is one of the most colorful redish purples, blues and a splash of yellow, brilliant

Miniature Iris (dwarf Iris) are similar in care requirements to other Iris bulbs and varieties. Iris Bulbs classed as miniatures tend to produce smaller flowers and less foliage than the full sized relatives. Miniature Iris, (dwarf Iris) bulbs and varieties are readily available for sale online in the UK

Miniature Iris Care and growing conditions

Actually very easy to care for, miniature iris require a well drained position, the rock garden, in the border or grown as specimens in containers seems to work well for most.

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