The Giant Bat Plant - Tacca Integrifolia

The Bat Plant or Bat Flower is Tacca Integrifolia or Tacca Chanterii. Tacca integrifolia is also known as White Bat Plant and is a truly amazing plant. Difficult to grow in the UK, however if you hapen to have an enclosed patio, or better still a conservatory or greenhouse, then give it a try

Growing Tacca Integrifolia:

Tacca species or 'Bat Plants' can be grown in the UK, they require a free draining potting mix and protection over the winter period. Many growers add 50% perlite to a normal potting mix.

Slow release fertilizer is suitable seaweed based and fish based fertilizers are great for promoting flowers.

You will need to keep Bat Plants indoors or in a conservatory over winter in the UK.

In the summer avoid direct sun, 50% shade cloth if growing outdoors.

Tacca Integrifolia is the 'Giant Bat Plant' more impressive than Tacca chantrieri or 'Black Bat Plant'. With 20 or more species of Tacca you may wish to experiment, howeverTacca Integrifolia and Tacca chantrieri are the best to start with.

You can buy the Giant Bat Plant from the following nurseries.

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