Bare Root Trees

Available for sale ready for planting from garden centres and mail order nurseries during the cooler months, usually from November through to March.

Bare rooted trees are usually field grown and are dug for sale when dormant. Trees should be unpacked and planted as soon as they are received.

Buying Bare root Trees

Bare root trees can be purchased by mail order during winter months. Follow a few steps to ensure you purchase the right tree.

Determine you will place the tree and what size tree you want when mature.

Research growth habits to make sure the tree you select is suitable for the position you have selected.

Look at a range of suppliers to obtain best price and best quality.

Buy from a reputable supplier.

Planting Bare root trees

Bare rooted trees are best planted as soon as you receive them, this prevents problems, such as roots from drying out.

Bare Root Trees are available for sale online from the following suppliers

Newbiggin on Lune, KIRKBY STEPHEN, Cumbria, CA17 4LX UK
Telephone +44 (0)15396 23246 * Telefax +44 (0)15396 23277
Mail-order specialists and growers of bare-root hardy trees and shrubs at an elevation of 850 feet (260 metres) above sea-level since 1950.

Winford Road Chew Magna Bristol BS40 8HJ
Tel: 01275 333 752
Tree nursery selling top quality specimen and ornamental bare root and container grown trees, shrubs, hedging and fruit trees. Available wholesale and retail nationwide.


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