Astilboides tabularis

When you first stumble upon Astilboides tabularis you could be forgiven for thinking it is a giant rhubarb with large rounded foliage. The foliage is the thing with this plant, an almost prehistoric look, scalloped edges and heavily ribbed.

This is a moisture loving plant in fact it is related to Rodgersia and was formerly known as Rodgersia tabularis. It is also one of the most dramatic foliage plants for a shaded position in the garden. And yed the flowers do look like those of the Astilbe. In the right position ans ina good soil, the flower spikes can reach nearly 1m in height.

Astilboides tabularis is a clump forming perennial that do well in damp areas. A woodland plant with large leaves and feathery creamy white flowers rising above in spring.

An excellent cottage garden plant and with the large textured foliage nearly .5m across, it adds an architectural dimension to the garden. White flowers held above the foliage are an added attraction in spring.

Astilboides tabularis Care

Grow in part shade and keep moist especially when first planting. Water Astilboides tabularis well during dry spells. Plant it behing lower growing Hostas, or with Astilbe, you can grow it ina container if you wish.

Dig in well rotted compost and maybe some coir peat to help provide that cool moist root run that Astilboides tabularis thrives in.

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