Spring flowering plants

Aquilegia barlows doublesMuch a sought after relief from the cold winter garden, spring flowering plants include Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, and Annuals. We bring you a list of our best spring flowering plants for the UK garden. The Primrose is traditionally the first flower of spring, followed by Violets and Pasqueflower.

The first spring flowers appear at the end of a long winter and gardeners are always excited the first to bloom, these are mostly the Galanthus. however plants such as Azalea Mollis, Daphne and Primroses all have excellent spring flowers.

Erythronium, Epimediums, Anemones, Trillium and Omphalodes all provide great displays of flowers in spring. When looking at flowering seasons and the garden the idea is to have a succession of flowering plants backed by foliage plants that will carry the visual impact through from spring to winter. A flower and some foliage plants for every season is the ideal.

List of Spring Flowering Plants

John Allman 

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