Autumn flowering plants

Autumn Flowering RudbeckiaAs the cooler months begin, ny plants that flower well into the autumn, and can add a last splash of color before winter sets in are worth a place in the garden.

So as the chill in the air leaves a little later in the day, and comes back a little earlier, the flowers that are still happy to show some colour are a welcome reminder that life in the garden goes on right through the year. Yes those flowering plants that keep going are really wonderful.

When looking for late season flowering plants a few old favorites will stand you in good stead. We provide a guide to some of the best plants for a final splash of colour the garden, hanging baskets and pots.

'Best' Autumn flowering Plants

What is great for us in Autumn may not actually be great for your garden. So lets look at some that we like and why.

Now this is a large group and probably not actually autumn, however the flower heads do last well into the season and they are decorative. We grow the classic 'Sedum Autumn Joy' in a container and it holds until winter. If you give them the 'chop' in early summer they will be even later to flower.

The one we like is Aster x frikartii, and that because its easy, lovely blue flowers from summer through autumn and needs little care. Full sun is best but they will, handle a little shade. The taller growing Aster 'Little Carlow' is all the rage
The most fashionable Michaelmas daisy of the moment, and rightly so, is this hybrid between Aster cordifolius and A. novi-belgii. It has single flowers with lilac-blue petals and yellow centres, which appear on sturdy stems in late September. It is a healthy plant which forms a good, dense clump of dark green leaves and grows to 90cm (3ft) or more. Aster Umbellatus is the 'flat top aster' also a late flowering species.

Here we are talking the true crocus, and the autumn flowering species include the saffron crocus, however more reliable and easier for us is Crocus goulimyi, a few others as well. And of course the Colchicum, often called the autumn crocus.

For us these just seem to hang on in autumn with Nerine bowdenii being excellent, fully hardy and such easy care.

Perennial plants that will flower during Autumn include:

Aster novi-belgii (Michaelmas Daisy), Caryopteris, Chrysanthemum, Sedum (Sedum Autumn Joy) and Solidago or 'Goldenrod'. Cannas, Fuchsias, Dahlias and others .?

Autumn Flowering Rudbeckia Goldstrum (picture right) is bright and cheerful late into the season.

Autumn Bulbs include:

Colchicum, Sternbergia, Belladonna Lily and Autumn Crocus such as Crocus Goulimyi, Crocus Speciosus, Crocus Laevigatus Fontenayi, Crocus Longiflorus, Crocus Pulchellus, Crocus Sativus (Saffron Crocus) and Crocus Nudiflorus.

Other Autumn Flowering Bulbs and Plants Include:

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