Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring flowerin daffodil bulbsHere we look at spring flowering bulbs for the UK. Many shrubs and perennials are listed separately however flowering bulbs that herald the begriming of spring a new gardening season and after the colder months are a delight in any garden.

The classic spring flowering bulb is the daffodil (narcissus) and literally 100s of varieties of this spring flowering bulb are available

With such a range of bulbs available that will flower during spring we provide a guide to our favorite bulbs and when and where to plant them. Many bulbs will flower late in spring in very cold areas, check with your local nursery for details in your area.

The Daffodil is perhaps the classic spring flowering bulb - pictured right.

Planting Spring Bulbs

We know that as it comes into autumn it's time to start thinking about buying and planting bulbs for a fantastic show of flowers in spring. It is better to buy bulbs early in the season than late, although some will be on sale a little cheaper in winter as nurseries try to clear stock.

Bulbs can be planted in rock gardens, pots and containers, naturalised into the lawn, woodland or planted in large clumps in the garden border add a real splash of colour and, if you choose the right bulbs, fragrance to the garden at the end of winter.

There is nothing difficult about planting spring flowering bulbs if you choose the right conditions for the species.
Most bulbs require a well drained soil in a sunny position, some need to be lifted over winter to prevent damage from the wet and cold and in general you leave the foliage until it dies back as this is what provides the energy for the next flowering season.

Planting depth for most bulbs is three times the height of the bulb itself, however some bulbs need to be planted with their neck above the soil level.

Many bulbs will flower indoors depending on light and humidity, so don't be afraid to bring in a pot or two for a little added colour to the kitchen or a sunny windowsill.

Spring Flowering Bulb List

Spring Flowering Bulbs are usually planted in Autumn, so a little research into what and where to plant and a shopping list of desirable additions is a great start. Some bulbs are short lived and others have a longer lasting flower. With different heights and colors the best tip is research.

Other great spring flowering bulbs include:

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