One of the easier plants to grow, onions are easy care of planted correctly in a humus rich loose friable soil, they do not thrive in poor soils.

They do require a warm sunny position, the best time to plant onion sets is in March

In the UK it is best to prepare the soil in the allotment before planting, dig over well, add compost, try planting a green manure crop and digging it in two - three months before the season, and then lay some weed matting.

Transplants, or seedlings can then be planted through the matting, cut a cross in the matting and plant through, the matting will eliminate the weed problem and the onions will not have to compete for slight and nutrients. Plant at around 10cm apart in good soil.

Onions can also be grown from seed and many growers see this as the best way to grow disease free crops. Seeds need to panted into individual plugs in early february and them placed in a greenhouse with bottom heat until march when they can be planted out.

Onion Care

Harvesting Onions

If you have prepared the soil well onions are easy to harvest, just ease them out of the ground, foliage and all.



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