Surfinia Petunia

Grow them from plugs, grow them from seeds, whatever the method Surfinia Petunias are one of if not the best varieties for hanging baskets. They do not need a great deal of care and any gardner can grow them.

Surfinia Petunias are a vigorous trailing petunia that are fantastic for hanging baskets. Surfinia Petunias provide flowers over a long period during summer and can be grown from cuttings or plugs. Plant out Surfinia Petunias in the spring (April) for a great show of flowers over summer. Surfinia Petunias do not like frost.

Surfinia Petunia Care

Spring is the time to plant Surfinias and planting them in hanging baskets is an easy way to show them off.

You will need an open compost mix that will stay moist. In a medium sized hanging basket you will need only 3 - 4 plants. And if you can get cutting grown plants they will be strong, provide you with masses of flowers.

If the soil dries out, add a few drops of detergent to the watering can, this will help with absorption.

Look for the hanging baskets with built in reservoirs at the bottom, this acts as a wicking system and helps with watering.

Surfinia Petunia are available for sale from the following nurseries

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