Dianthus subacaulis

This is a sensational low growing plant, and Dianthus subacaulis deserves a place in the garden. Evergreen, masses of flowers on short stems from summer to autumn and a great matt forming habit, its also very hardy.

You could plant Dianthus subacaulis as a ground cover plant and forget its other great traits, however flowers are an attractive pink, and the foliage is a great green.

This plant is also very hardy, regarded as drought tolerant once established, as long as the soil is well drained it will grow well.

Over time it will spread to a fill a space, forming a nice mound of foliage year round, with the added attraction of the flowers.


As long as you have sun and good drainage Dianthus subacaulis requires little care at all. You can shear off the spent flower heads to tidy up if required.

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