Stokesia laevis - Stokes Aster

Stokesia Blue Giant or Stokes Blue AsterThe blue flowering Stokesia laevis are a wonderful addition to the border commonly called Stokes Blue Aster although a pink and a white form do exist. Low growing to around 30cm but with masses of large flowers blue to mauve in color.

Long flowering, from spring through to autumn and with attractive glossy green foliage this is an excellent cut flower as well.

This is a mound forming perennial and would also be well suited to growing in containers.

Named cultivars such as 'Blue Danube', 'Omega Skyrocket' and 'Blue Giant' are larger flowering forms, most desirable.

Stokesia laevis Care

A sunny position in a humus rich deep soil is best. Good drainage is essential however some additional water during dry periods is required. Spent flower heads can be removed to encourage a second flush of flowers. This is a wildflower from North America full sun is best in the UK, however a little shade can be tolerated.

Propagation by division (root cuttings) of established clumps can be carried out in early spring. Seeds can be sown into a cold frame in autumn.


Poor drainage in winter will cause the plant to rot.



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