Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra)

It might not be the most widely grown bamboo in the Uk, however it is the most spectacular according to most landscapers, its regarded as fully hardy and it is the 'Black Bamboo' Phyllostachys nigra

Originally from Taiwan and China and also known as Kuretake however we do call it the 'Giant Black Bamboo'. Phyllostachys nigra is grown for the large black culms, we would proably call them a very deep black to green rather than 'jet black', however that is getting a little picky.

Reaching 5m (15ft) in height with relative ease Phyllostachys nigra makes a great feature plant in the garden, it could also be used as a screening plant and can be grown indoors, check out you local shopping centre for an example. However like many bamboos Phyllostachys nigra does have its drawbacks.

Phyllostachys nigra is a fairly vigorous running bamboo and should be grown in containers or with an effective root control system to prevent it becoming invasive. New shoots are green but turn black.

Phyllostachys nigra Care

The more sun and light the plant recieves the darker the culms will be. New canes may emerge green, however in sun will turn darker and eventually 'black'.

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